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I’ve been experimenting recently with timeboxing for personal work. I don’t remember what triggered the interest this time, but it probably was the chronic procrastination that I suffer from.


I googled “time boxing for personal tasks” or something like that and all the links seemed to lead to the pomodoro technique. I was already familiar with the pomodoro technique so I wasn’t that interested in that right now. I was mainly looking for tips on hard timeboxing of personal tasks. Like, set a time-box, work that amount, ship. Pomodoro is for splitting your work into manageable chunks, but I was looking for advice on how to really squeeze out the important stuff and ship.

That turned out to be a little too hard core of a time management tactic but that got me into pomodoro yet again.

I’m not going to explain what the pomodoro technique is, you can find a lot of stuff about it elsewhere. But basically what I now do is I start a timer and work for 25 minutes, try to have a break of 5 minutes after that, repeat.

I’m quite happy how this has improved my productivity and focus. It has helped with procrastination a lot, which is most important. Here are some thoughts and insights I’ve had with the pomodoro technique:

In conclusion, I would say the pomodoro technique, or timeboxing in general, is really about feedback. And it’s the best procrastination hack there is.

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